Keith Ablow is pleased to announce The Ablow Center Scholarships.

Any graduating high school senior or current college student planning a career in the fields of life coaching, pastoral/spiritual counseling, psychology or psychiatry may apply.

Simply submit a 500-word essay about the most emotionally challenging moment in your life and how you came to terms with it.

Please send your essay to [email protected] by December 1st, 2019 and include your full name, address, email, and phone number.

The first 100 essays received will be reviewed, and awards will be announced December 15th, 2019. Students must be registered for the Spring 2020 Semester to receive the award.

It may not be easy to open up to yourself, let alone others, and then submit your innermost thoughts as an essay for a chance at $500 towards your education. Start by digging deep into your intimate thoughts, think about your fears, falling in love, overcoming a challenge, or making a difficult choice. Many of us have faced bullying, loss, anxiety, depression, hatred, even the simple act of indecision can be paralyzing when we fear failure or disappointment. These experiences are the narrative of your life and make you who you are, use that as the foundation of choosing your topic and starting your essay.

Tips for structuring your essay:

  • Choose a compelling moment in your life
  • Create an outline, take notes about what you remember and how it made you feel.
  • Narrow your focus on a key event, do not generalize but instead share the personal impact from your experience
  • “Show, don’t tell” you want to evoke feelings in your writing over stating generic facts
  • End with a thought-provoking self-reflection
  • If you are still struggling, research personal essays and blogs written by people you admire and who inspire you. Think about how you connected with the material and why. Use that to inspire how you share your personal story.

To apply online