Natural, Holistic Remedies

Keith is an expert at harnessing the power of vitamins, amino acids and herbal remedies to tackle depression, anxiety and problems with attention, overeating, sleep and energy.

Here are just a few examples of the many, many remedies Keith helps you consider and implement:  In several studies, the supplement curcumin (from the spice turmeric) has been proven just as effective as Prozac for depression.  Several studies also point to lavender oil capsules as being as effective as many medications used for anxiety.

There is reason to believe that the supplements fisetin, glutathione, resveratrol, DHEA and many others can be extremely helpful in both depression and anxiety.

Then there is exposure to bright light (using a simple, relatively inexpensive device), the proper use of meditation (sometimes using a device to make it more powerful) and the role of unique forms of exercise.

Keith will help you create a rational approach to the use of supplements, advise you on how to change your diet (not only if you need to lose weight, but also to increase your mood, decrease your anxiety and improve your energy), and make you aware of holistic treatments you might never otherwise know about to restore you to well-being.

“Scientific research trials have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that vitamin, amino acid and herbal remedies rival and sometimes exceed the efficacy of psychiatric medications—with a much lower risk of side effects.  Deploying these holistic strategies—and others—is the new frontier in achieving optimal well-being.” –Keith Ablow