Health Consultant/Patient Navigator

Keith is uniquely qualified to review your current and past symptoms, as well as the entire history of treatments you have received, and then tell you whether the strategies being used to help you with depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, addiction or any other psychiatric condition are complete and state-of-the-art.  He can make you aware of other effective treatments your clinicians can or should consider, other testing that should be considered, as well as why the treatments being offered may be falling short or causing side-effects.

Research shows, for example, that up to 70 percent of people being treated for depression have still not recovered three months later.  One study found that only 22 percent of those treated for depression by their primary care doctors were rid of their symptoms.

The truth is that depression and anxiety and many other disorders are completely treatable when a comprehensive and creative plan is put into play.  Keith can be your consultant, coach and researcher.  He will communicate directly with you, with your doctor or therapist, with your health insurer and anyone else necessary, to make that happen and get you well.

Why a Depression and Anxiety Consultant Could be the Key to Recovery

“Far more people should be recovering completely from disorders that affect the mind.  It is a primary mission of mine to consult to those folks and their treatment teams, so that we, together, can conquer depression, anxiety or any other illness.”  –Keith Ablow