Dr. Keith Ablow on Founding The Ablow Center

For more than 25 years, I provided concierge-level psychiatry services to adults and adolescents across the United States and around the world. Other than the use of medications, the heart of that work was helping my clients look at their lives honestly and replace unhealthy patterns of behavior, thought and emotion with ones that were […]

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Posted: July 8, 2019 in: Uncategorized

Natural Remedies Are Key to Treating Depression, Anxiety and More

After 25 years practicing psychiatry, I am now fully embracing the power of vitamin, amino acid and herbal remedies to alleviate severely low mood, anxiety, sleeplessness and difficulty concentrating.  The data on the impact of these holistic treatments cannot be denied. Consider just this:  Scientific trials have shown that the antidepressant effects of Curcumin, a […]

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Posted: March 21, 2019 in: Depression, Health, Natural Remedies